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The National PTA's website is a place for parents to go for The Common Core.  You can download their pamphlet for the grade level your child is in.  It is also a great place to go to for other parent concerns and resources.  Click on the link below. 

It's Reading Time!

Enjoy reading a good book on your own and with your family.  When children see parents read they will want to read, too!  Of course, reading to and with your child(ren) is important and enjoyable.   Encourage your child to read independently, too.  Children should read independently 15-20 minutes every night. 


In an effort to teach and have students practice bookcare, I am asking that students have one of the following:

1.  A clean plastic bag

2.  A dedicated pocket in the backpack

3.  A bookbag of some "creative" kind.  This could be a drawstring bag mad out of an old pillow case, a bookbag made from old jeans, a bookbag made from cardboard & ductape or any other creative bag your child choses.  To find directions for the later 2 bookbags, scroll down this newsletter and enjoy.

At the beignning of the year a blue cardstock card was sent home with Electonic Resources students have available to them.  Please keep that by your computer.  It has passwords for the DataBases that you can find here on my webpage.  Simply go to the Navigation Menu on the right hand side and click on "DataBases".

Please visit Electic Potpourri on the Navigation Menu for more information about the Library Media Center.

 You can also visit Scholastic's The Stacks a place for children to read about authors & books and find games about books. Visit this website for reading practice and fun for  young children                                                               

As you read on the Home page, I have extended my Summer Reading Challenge to include taking pictures of your child(ren) reading this summer. Students are to bring these photos in and I will make a display of students reading over the summer.  Please write your child's name on the back.  Children change so much over the summer - this will help me to return the photos easily. Please help students locate and return Hendy Library books.  They can be dropped off at the office weekdays until 3pm.

Also on the home page is a suggestion for a  fun activity for the  - making a bookbag,  They can be a simple drawstring bag or I have seen them made out of the tops of jeans!  This way children can have a fun summer project AND be ready to practice good bookcare in the Fall.  Of course, a plastic or canvas bag does nicely but making something you use makes it much more special.  You can find a few suggestions & directions at the following links:

Using Blue Jeans
Disney's Family Fun 
A Drawstring Bag
Using Duct Tape - very creative and measurements would be much larger than those for a notebook. But so creative and looks like fun!
Links for Parents
Invention at Play - This is a guide from a Smithsonian exhibition and come after a place where children ( and parents!) can explore invention.
Amazing Adventure Series - This page offers adventures, art activites and some family friendly links.  Once  you enter, you will find a map. Put the cursor on the handle of the magnifying glass and find your selections for adventures.  Click on Extras to find the Family Friendly Links and more.  Enjoy!
Common Sense Media - This is a page that offers reviews on movies, games, television, websites, and more.  This website, started by parents (you can read all about their mission and beliefs), offers everything a parent would want to know about content.   One website that it recommends is Tikatok where children can write, illustrate, and publish their own books. 
Scholastic's Parent:  This site provides sections on School, Reading, Activities, and Family Life.  You also have access to Parent & Child magazine, as well as Quick Links for Parents.
 Reading is Fundamental Parent
World Book Student - Help your child with reseach. Go to
Reseach Tools  How to Do Research for everything you and your child need to know.
NASA's Infor for Mom & Dad
 Remember to visit other links on the website menu.  You and your child will find links to games, author websites, and books that are read right on the computer. Please visit these sites with your child(ren). For the younger children, for example, a website might teach them directions (up, down, right, left) all necessary in learning to read a book. They will also be learning how to use the mouse, and the keys on the keyboard. Older students will be able to find books, author websites, and be challenged by websites with curriculum connections. Don't forget to visit the
Eclectic Potpuorri.  This is the LMC's newletter and tells of the events, policies, and information about books and more at the LMC. 

                               Beth Ann Roggie                                                                            Library Teacher                                                                           Hendy Avenue Elementary School                                        Library Media Center