Think you have a great vocabulary? Try the WORD OF THE DAY

Come on Broadway, let's try this!! Check out the examples here and then  find a book(s) that you want to use and ask Ms. Rogan or a library worker to take your picture.     

We will add them to our library website. Want to see more? search #bookface on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. (no social media in school-so check them out from home)



Even more Book Trailers here

What are other Teens reading?

  • Scholastic has launched this is teen, a Facebook community for teen readers where the conversation starts with books. On facebook.com/thisisteen, teens can interact with their friends, and with favorite authors like Libba Bray,Meg Cabot, Maggie Stiefvater, Markus Zusak, and
    Kevin Brooks. See videos and more.
    Check this out from home. Facebook is blocked in school, so use this outside of school hours.



Would you like to read FREE books on your personal device? There's an app for that! See Mrs. Rogan for an access code and Pin number.

1. Go to the App Store on your device (Apple or Android).

2. Search for "Open eBooks" and follow the instructions to download.

3. Open the app.

4. Agree to any terms and conditions.

5. Enter your code and PIN combination when prompted
6. Browse the catalog of books available.
7. Regular data rates apply. Check with your parent before using to make sure you do not exceed their data plan.

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