Regents Exam - Thursday, June 15, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

Welcome to Regents Earth Science!  On this site you will find many valuable resources that will help you to be successful this year.  Good Luck and enjoy!

End of Year Calendar 16-17
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Located in Course Documents!

CastleLearning Login Instructions:
1.  Go to castlelearning.com
2.  User name is cscs-(first three of first name, first six of last name)  Ex:  Name is Igor Wapaliski then the user name would be cscs-igowapali
3.  Click on login
4.  Change set your password.

Useful Sites:
        The following sites should prove useful in preparing for the Physical Setting Earth Science Regents Exam.

Hommocks Regents Earth Science
This is a school in NYS that has designed their entire course around online materials.  There are notes, podcasts, review sheets, labs, project ideas, etc... located at this site.  I highly recommend it as a bookmarked site to help you get through the year.

An overall good site for anything Geology!
New York State Ed. Regents Exams
The above link will take you to the New York State Ed. Dept. database of Earth Science Exams.  The archive has many years of exams with the answer keys in easy to download adobe files.  Take the exam and then grade it to see how you have done!
Regents Prep
Take advantage of this web site still in it's beginning stages, by clicking on the above link.  More and more topics are added all the time.  Choose from multiple choice questions, practice constructed response questions or just an Exam overview.  This site is sure to be a great resource for anyone trying to improve their regents grades.
100 Illustrated Ways to pass the Earth Science Regents
Interactive way to review for the Regents Exam with practice questions, tips and test taking strategies!