Internet Resources

Internet Resources

We've picked some great Internet sites to help you get started on your research. 

Book Review Sites

Nancy Keane's Booktalks       Book Spot For Children 

GoogleBooks                                 Booklist Online                       

BookBrowse                                 Linda's Links to Literature        Book Adventure

SITES FOR TEACHERS                                           
NYSED                   WMHT Guide                              NYS Standards 

 Google Scholar                        Alta Vista                                   Infomine

  Yahooligans                             Quintura                                      KidZui


Best History Sites           United States History                Holocaust

The Civil Rights Movement
The African-American Odyssey � The Civil Rights Era
We Shall Overcome � Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement
The Civil Rights Movement
Jim Crow Laws
Crow Jim Crow laws � Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site.
PBS Site � Rise & Fall  of Jim Crow
            Interactive timeline, bios, pics, interactive maps
University of Dayton School of Law - Examples of Jim Crow laws
Primary source � reprint of newspaper article segregating blacks

Brown v Board of Education
Brown v. Board of Education
Issue: Racial Segregation in Public Schools
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (No. 1.)
Supreme Court Collection
Full-text of the Supreme Court Decision and the Opinions
Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site
Brown v. Board of Education (1949-1955)
            Timeline and links to related cases
Brown v. Board of Education � About the case
Summary of case and other cases similar to it; pics
With All Deliberate Speed � The Legacy of Brown v. Board


Primary Sources (Joyce Valenza)                    American Memory          Avalon Project


Internet Public Library           Literary Resources on the Net   Gale Trials


Berit's Best Sites For Children                           Regents Review Live

Study Zone                                                                              PBS Kids

National Geographic Kids

Author Study Sites