Put Your Best Foot Forward!


Dear Students and Guardians,

Our Tribes agreements are Mutual Respect, Attentive Listening, Appreciations/No Put Downs, Right to Pass/ Right to Participate. Let's bring these traits into the class and home.

1.  Thinking ahead - Check your Friday checklists for dates.
2.  Study vocabulary a few nights each week.

3.  Learn the word of the week and use it for an addition.

4.  Come early, do homework, play a game, or do a craft.

5.   Try one of the books of the month.  You can also ask me for a suggestion.  I love to read!!!!

6.  Check your planner right when you get  home and before bed to make sure you are remembering everything that you need for school.

7.  Pack your bag at night before you go to bed.

8.  Bring your instruments on band days.

9.  Come with a good attitude.  Smile and plan to have a great day.


Miss Bonadonna
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