Supply List

 We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer!  In order to stay sharp, we highly recommend that you find something that you enjoy reading every day and spend as much  time as you need on your math facts (you “know” them if it takes you 3 seconds or less to say an answer).  A great website to use sumdog. 

Summer reading: In order for students to maintain the gains they have made during the school year it is very important for them to continue to read good fit books over the summer. Please encourage your child to read as part of our Dive into Reading Summer Program. All children who participate will be part of our popsicle party in September.

Some of our communications will be electronic (for those of you on the internet), so we encourage you to:

1) Send each of us an e-mail so we have your e-mail address: &


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2013-2014  4th Grade Supply List





Pens blue or black


#2  pencils

1 box

Colored pencils or crayons




Hand pencil sharpener


loose leaf paper packages (with 3-holes)


Erasers (large or pencil cap)


8 pocket organizer(see attached for sample)


Pencil Case


Marble composition notebooks


Package of sticky notes (post-it)


3 subject notebook

 optional Highlighters, erasers, Expo markers, tissues, wet wipes

***We suggest that you keep a supply of these at home as well, so they are available when students run out at school.  Thanks!


We look forward to seeing you in September, and we’re looking forward to a great year!


Mr. Flannery and Mrs. Carmody