Kindergarten Curriculum

We have a lot planned for your special Kindergartner!

In Kindergarten, the focus of the Media Center is to provide the students with a welcoming and structured orientation, guiding them to how libraries work and what our expectations are for good library users.  In addition to introducing library rules and procedures, we strive to expose the students to a variety of quality literature through author studies and relevant activities.  Here is a sampling of what your children will experience this year:

Welcome to Library!

  • Library Orientation
    • SLO Pre-test
    • IQ Goes to School
    • IQ Goes to the Library (Library DVD)


  • Books You Can Sing!
    • The Itsy Bitsy Spider & Wheels on the Bus (E WIC); watch Wheels on the Bus DVD
    • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt & Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Lois Ehlert Author Study
    • Getting to Know Lois Ehlert/Biographical introduction
    • Eating the Alphabet
    • Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf; make book
    • Nuts To You!
    • Snowballs


  • Jan Brett Author Study
    • The Mitten
    • The Hat
    • Gingerbread Baby
    • Three Snowbears


  • Numeroff/Bond Author Study
    • If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
    • If You Take A Mouse to School
    • If You Give A Moose A Muffin
    • If You Give A Cat A Cupcake


  • Matt McElligott Author Study
    • Even Monstyers Need Haircuts
    • Even Aliens Need Snacks
    • Bean 13


  • Eric Carle Author Study
    • Eric Carle intro & The Tiny Seed
    • The Very Quiet Cricket
    • The Very Lonely Firefly
    • The Robber Bees
    • It Looked Like Spilt Milk / Little Cloud