Second Grade Curriculum

Second Grade in the Library Media Center!

Your second grader is going to have so much fun in the Library this year!  We kick the year off with basic library review and orientation, but then we hop right into some great thematic units!  The first few months will kick off with our first introductory library "research project" as we study biographies.   First we'll learn about Johnny Appleseed and the real man behind the myth.  Then we'll move on to Squanto as we celebrate Thanksgiving.  All the while, students will also focus on the selection of appropriate materials (based on age AND reading level) and basic library lay-out.  From there, we move into great units on such topics as Fables, Letter writing, Caldecott Awards, and more!  Interspersed are several author studies, with contextual tie-ins.  For example, we end our study of the always popular Tomi De Paola by writing him letters, which begins the next unit, Letter Writing.

Here is an overview of topics/books we will cover this year:

Welcome to the Library

  • September, Library Orientation

    • Stella Louella’s Runaway Book

    • Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book (E DON)

  • October & November, Fall Biographies (Johnny Appleseed and Squanto)

    • Wonder Questions

    • Group Inquiry

    • Independent investigation

    • Synthesis

  • December, Tomie DePaola Author Study(VHS)

    • Strega Nona

    • Watch Out For Chicken Feet In Your Soup

    • Big Anothony

    • Old Bafina

  • January, Letter Writing Unit

    • The Long, Long letter

    • I Wanna Iguana

    • Dear Peter Rabbit

  • February/Black History Month

    • Henry’s Freedom Box/Journey of Henry Box Brown (dvd)

    • Goin’ Someplace Special

    • Lion’s drum

  • March & April, Fables Unit

    • Boy Who Cried Wolf

    • Wolf Who Cried Boy

    • Six Crows

  • May & June, Fable Writing Unit

    • Choose a moral

    • Choose your characters: What human characteristics do animals have?

    • Choose a problem

    • Write Your Fable