Third Grade Curriculum

Third Grade - The Transition Year!
Third Grade is a transition year on so many different levels, and the same will hold true in the Media Center as well.  Not only will your children physically move from the picture book side of the library to the intermediate area (always a HUGE thrill for the students!), but their library curriculum will include a marked change from their previous years' in terms of content and expectation.  It is in third grade that we begin to really focus our lessons on the terrific resources we have to offer, both electronic and print.  Our Library curriculum builds year by year, and as such, your children will learn to use our web-based catalog and will be introduced to our many on-line resources.  They will also begin to study the parts of books in preparation for learning bibliography later on down the road.  Most notably, however, they will embark on a very popular, and quite in depth unit on the 398.2 section of the library. 

As part of the transition, your children will be expected to complete graded exercises during class time, as well as preparing for and taking units tests.  These grades serve as a valuable assessment tool to help me monitor your child's progress and my own success in conveying the material.

Here is an overview of what we will cover in third grade:


Welcome to the Library

  • Goldisocks & the 3 Bears; "Just Right Books" Activity?

  • Sharp Book Selection

  • Intro to OPALS
  • OPALS Worksheet

  • OPALS: Reader Reviews
  • Know Your World Research Project
    (This follows the Inquiry process of learning focusing on Wonder, Investigation, Synthesis, Expression, and Reflection)

  • Intro to 398.2 Unit - Compare & Contrast Cultures

    • Folktales - Little Red Around the World

      • Little Red Riding Hood - Germany

      • Lon Po Po - China

      • Pretty Selma - Africa

    • Fairy Tales - Cinderella Around the World

      • Fair, Brown, and Trembling - Ireland

      • Yeh-Shen - China

      • Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters - Africa

    • Tall Tales

      • The Bunyans

      • Pecos Bill

      • Swamp Angel

    • 398.2 Unit Test