Fifth Grade Curriculum

Fifth Grade Masters The Library!

In fifth grade, our units become very specific and very structured and are focused on a variety of literacy skills that will enable your children to become successful critical thinkers in the information age.  We continue to focus the Inquiry process on learning as a basis for exploring the steps necessary to access, evaluate, use, and synthesize information.

Here's an overview of what we will cover this year in the Media Center:


Welcome & Introduction:

  •  What’s new?
  •  Ebook review/Nooks

Review resources:

  • Catalog and all its features
  • Pathfiders
Internet search strategies:

o   What to use and what to avoid

o   Evaluation

Using NoodleTools and Databases:
  • Dashboard/Sharing/Collaboration
  • Citations
  • Notecards – quote, paraphrase, ideas

o   Kidsinfobits

o   Elibrary

o   Gale

Research strategies:

  •  Picking a topic – can’t be fully answered on google
  •  Choosing resources
  •  Evaluating resources
  •  Extracting relevant information
  •  Importance of listing your sources (bibliography)

Research project:

  • American Melting Pot
  • The Struggle for Equality