Sixth Grade Curriculum
Sixth Grade Goes to the Next Level!

Most of the library and literacy skills needed for a successful academic career have been introduced in grades K-5, and now it is time to put it all together and see how it'll work in the real world.  We take Common Core practices to the forefront this year in library class as we strive to get the students to think critically and deeply about relevant topics and to do authentic research to create a meaningful information/data driven product.

Most of the content covered this year is through the vehicle of student centered research projects tied into their classroom curriculum.  They will complete the "Create Your Own Demigod" research project in the first half of the year to compliment the ELA "Hero's Journey" Module wherein they read Rick Riordan's, The Lightning Thief.  The students choose a Greek God or Goddess to study, organizing their notecards and citations online in NoodleTools.  Afterward, they create a demigod child of that God or Goddess and write a narrative piece about the demigod in the style of Riordan.

In the second half of the year, the students will research Ancient Egyptian rulers, again housing their work online in NoodleTools.  They will then have to create an infographic on their selected ruler in the form of a video game ad, movie poster, board game cover, or book jacket that incorporates relevant facts and images.

Finally, time permitting we will end the year with a culminating research project where students provide evidence to support their claim for what they feel is a "Modern Wonder of the World".  This ties in to their ancient history curriculum, and will require students to be "WISER":


All research will be conducted in a scaffolded, nurturing environment that will help everyone to succeed to the best of their ability.  This experience will help our students to be more confident and capable human beings who can think critically about problems and create viable solutions that they will be able to articulate and defend.

6th grade library curriculum




Create Your Own Demigod Research Project

Ancient Egypt Infographic Project

Modern Wonders of the World Research Project