I teach at the Savona Elementary Building.  Starting in 2008 we began instructing keyboarding to grade levels 3 through 6 using ~ Mavis Beacon ~ Version 16.  The results have been great with this program.  I also instruct students in the Office Suite.  In the up and coming year my 6th graders are going to look at Prezi, a new presentation software.  As with any web page keeping the information current and interesting is always a challenge.  If you find any errors or would like to contact me, the link to do that is on the right.  I am also always looking for fun and educational sites to add for students of all ages. 


Virtual Keyboard

   The Talking Square   

State Capitals 

     Rap - State Capitals     


Geometric Shapes

Polar Adventure!


Learning about the Polar Regions

A Third Grade Web Activity


Poetry Rocks




         Respect Song           


  Sight Word Bingo

   Learning Coins  

    Persuasion Map      

ToolBoxPro Home Page - check out what other ToolBoxPro pages in other schools.

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ABC Videos

Bottle Heads


 Math Rocks Video 



I am always looking for educational sites to add.  Please email me with any sites that you would like me to consider.  I would like to thank the suggestions of students for some of these additions to this site. 



Wordle will make “word clouds” from text that you write or copy into the online program. The clouds will make the words stand out that appear more in the article.  

 Test Your Knowledge 

Please let me know if any sites do not work.



Mrs. Schwartz's Music


The Mane Man

Making a Friend