Mrs. Shirley
7th-8th Grade Special Education Teacher
Watkins Glen High School: Room 740

535-3210  Ext 1740

Welcome to my website for 12.1 Special Education Core Classes! Please note that individual teachers' websites such as elective classes will give more specific information. Also both 7th and 8th grade have sepereate homework pagges

My expectations for academic standards and conduct are high. To help ensure a successful school year, I have the following classroom routines, procedures, and policies.

Classroom Management

Please be respectful of everyone
Please be responsible for yourself
Please use appropriate language & behavior (NO BULLYING!)
Please follow directions
Please be safe
Verbal warning (no more than 2)
Removal from the group (work must still be completed)
Lunch detention or loss of free time
Call home
Write up or referral to



    Rewards: Students will also have positive behavioral support. Students who maintain appropriate behavior throughout the day and/or students caught being a model student may earn privileges or recognition. They may earn free time during study hall such as computer time or another activity of choice. Students may also have their parent notified by phone or e-mail about their exceptional behavior.

Class Procedures

Homework: Typically, students will complete the majority of their homework in a support study hall but not always. Students will have weekly spelling words, and are expected to be reading independently for 20 minutes four times a week. They will take AR reading tests monthly to monitor completion of a minimum of one book per month. Students may have to finish math problem sets if they aren’t completed during class time. Students may also have projects and assignments in their elective classes.

Unfinished homework will result in working lunch or After School Tutoring (AST) until the assignment is completed. Parental support is very helpful to encourage your child to take responsibility and pride in their homework. You may also want to sign up for the School Tool Parent Portal to view your students’ grades and see if they have any missing assignments.

Parental support is greatly appreciated to encourage your child to take responsibility and pride in their homework. Students would benefit from having their own planner/folder with their assignments recorded but that is the students responsibility and not staff. That way you can check your student's planner/folder nightly to be sure your child has completed their homework. You may also want to check the school website and calendar regularly for events and special information. This system will promote responsibility, completion of assignments, and organizational skills.

Assessment: Students will be assessed through curriculum based assessments, rubrics, oral interviews/conferencing, recorded observation, projects, activities, writing portfolios, quizes, and tests.

Core Classes Grade Break Down- 100%
Tests and Quizzes 35%
Projects, Activities and Writing Rubrics 30%
Participation 25%
Homework 10%



  • I would like to encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns you have regarding your student. E-mail is the most efficient way to get a hold of me. My contact information is listed at the top of this page. Together we can help foster a productive, creative, and successful school year for your child!