What We're Doing in Class
September:  1st- Locomotor Skills, Hoop Activities
                   3rd- Soccer Skills
                   8th- Soccer Skills

October: 1st and 3rd- Locomotor Skills, Relays, and Parachute Games
              8th- Lacrosse Skills

November: 1st Kicking Skills, Throwing Skills, Jump Rope Skills
                 3rd and 8th- Football Skills

December: 1st Basic Ball Skills, Strength Building
                 3rd and 8th Basketball Skills

January: 1st, 3rd, 8th- Volleyball Skills

February: 1st and 3rd- Gymnastics Skills, Strength Building
               8th Hockey Skills

March: 1st and 3rd- Striking with long implements
            8th- Team European handball

April:1st and 3rd- Circus Arts and Juggling
         8th- Throwing Skills

May: 1st and 3rd- Bowling, Fitness
         8th- Lifetime Sports

June: 1st- Year end review
         3rd- Softball Skills, Review
         8th- Softball Skills