Common Core Texts Grade 4
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Module Resources
Video about Oral Tradition: "Daily Life at Onondage" Video

The Talking Drums - The Griots of Mali

"Birth of the Haudenosaunee"

"Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address for Lesson 1"

"Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address for Lesson 2"

"Two Row Wampum"

"A Time to Talk" by Robert Frost

"The Stone Canoe" (video)

What is Wampum? (Video)

Recording History Through Oral Tradition (Video)

“Haudenosaunee or Iroquois?”:

Mary Englar, The Iroquois: The Six Nations Confederacy (Mankato, MN: Capstone Press, 2003)

Three lacrosse players dominate sport their ancestors created” (CBS News)

"Excerpt from Native Quilting Traditions Educator Guide"

The Evolution of Oral Tradition in Mountain Ballads” (video and transcript): 

"The (Really) Great Law of Peace" by Cynthia O'Brien (Kayak, Canada's History Magazine for Kids, #33, Vol. 3, 2010)

"Overview and Background Information: Oral Tradition": - Expeditionary Learning

The Iroquois: The Oral Tradition Video 14 min, 21 sec

"The Great Law of Peace (Iroquois Constitution)"
The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco (for teacher read aloud? only one copy needed)
Interview with author with the real "Keeping Quilt"

"Most Frequent Ways of Being Bullied at School" (2011 PACT for Families Collaborative/SHARE Data on Bullying, Chart 4)

"Smart-Speak" by Marilyn Cram Donahue (Current Health 1, December 2003)

"Speaking Up" by Clarisel Gonzalez (Scholastic News / January 28, 2008)

Lawrence Hamm, 19, Student Athlete” by Walter Dean Myers

A Patch of Old Snow” by Robert Frost

Metric Figure”  by Williams Carlos Williams

The Pasture” by Robert Frost

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost

Dog” by Valerie Worth

Love that Boy” by Walter Dean Myers

Finding Your Voice” by Dara Sharif (Scholastic News, April 4, 2005)

Robert Frost (March 26, 1874-January 29, 1963)” (American Reading Company, 2014)

Valerie Worth (October 29, 1933 – July 31, 1994)” (American Reading Company, 2014)

Nikki Giovanni (June 7, 1943 – present)” (American Reading Company, 2014)“

"The Red Wheel Barrow” by William Carlos Williams

Street Music” by Arnold Adoff

"The Apple” by S. C. Rigg


"Inventory of John Allen (1659–1704)." Hampshire Probate Records, Volume III, p. 132.

The Landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, Dec. 11th 1620” [ca. 1838–1856] by N. Currier. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress. 

"A Map of British and French Settlements in North America, 1755" by  J. Hilton.  Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress.

"Christmas Marketing before the Days of 'High Cost of Living' ca. 1913" by Keppler and Schwarzmann.  Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress.

"Farming in Colonial America" (Expeditionary Learning)

"Religion in the Colonies" (Expeditionary Learning)

The following were written by Expeditionary Learning for Instructional Purposes:

Wheels and Riding Carts” by Ed Crews. Colonial Williamsburg Web site, History of Trades section.

"Silversmith" Colonial Williamsburg Web site, History of Trades section.

"Colonial Apprenticeships Q&A." Colonial Williamsburg Web site, History of Trades section.

Podcasts from the Colonial Williamsburg Web Site, History of Trades Section:

"Making Candles, Colonial Style" by Rebecca S. Fisher (Highlights for Children, September 2004)

"Joshua's Gold"  by Mary Lois Sanders (Boy's Life, November 1999)

"School of Freedom" by Beverly J. Letchworth (Spider, February 2010)

"Bringing Home the Gold" by Carrol J. Swanson (Fun for Kidz, January/February 2011)

"Mystery of the Deep" by Allyson Gulliver (Kayak, Canada's History Magazine for Kids, Apr 2012, 8:2, 20–23).

2b Award-Winning Survival Skills” by Lea Winerman (Science World, Nov. 2002, 8–13.)

"Monarch Butterfly" Resource

"Millipede" Resource

"Three-Banded Armadillo" Resource

"Springbok Gazelle" Resource
3a Resources: Videos, Games, and Activities
Photos (Unit 1, Lesson 1)
 3b "Revolutionary War" (The New Book of Knowledge, Grolier Online; Lexile 690)

"Loyalists," (The New Book of Knowledge, Grolier Online; Lexile 730)

"Private Yankee Doodle" by Thomas Flemming, (Boys’ Life, July 2003; Lexile 900)

"An Incomplete Revolution" by Amy Miller (Junior Scholastic, Vol. 102, Issue 3, Oct. 4, 1999; 18 Lexile 920)

"Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence" by Kathy Wilmore (Junior Scholastic, Vol. 107, Issue 8, Nov. 29, 2004, 8–11; Lexile 870)

Broadsides from the Library of Congress's American Memory Collection:

"A Bloody Butchery by the British Troops" a Broadside printed in 1775 to spread the word about what Patriots saw as the British Regulars’ gruesome attack on the people of Lexington, Massachusetts.

"A Circumstantial Account" a Broadside from 1775 describing the Battle of Lexington and Concord from the perspective of a British officer who felt the Patriot colonists started the fight.

"In Congress..." This broadside is a plea for the Congress to officially put together an army to fight the British.

"N.B. The regulars, when in Concord, burnt the courthouse..."This broadside is an example of how news was spread during the American Revolution.

"New-York, Sunday 23d April, 1775." This is another broadside giving information about the events of the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

"Broadside of Revolutionary War period: Tea Destroyed by Indians." This broadside shows another way that colonists often shared their opinion about "current" events—in verse, or song.

"Proclamation by Gen. Howe against assisting Rebels. Boston, Mar 10, 1776." This broadside was used as a warning to the Patriots.

"Request for military provisions, N.Y. May 29, 1775." This broadside was posted as a list of supplies needed by the Continental (Patriot) Army.

3b Extensions  A study of black historical figures and their contributions during the American Revolution; see the following Web site for additional resources:

A study of Phillis Wheatley, the first published African American poet, who lived during the Revolutionary period. See the following Web site for additional resources:
A study of the role of American Indians during the American Revolution. See the following Web site for additional resources:
A study of New York historical figures and their perspective on the American Revolution.

Check out the Spotlight on New York eBooks for some additional resources!

 4  "On Women's Right to the Suffrage" by Susan B. Anthony

"The Vote" by Rebecca Hershey (Hopscotch, 2003, Issue 5)

"Order in the Court" by Ira Peck and Kathy Wilmore (Junior Scholastic, 2008, Issue 14)

"Fredrick Douglass: Freedom's Champion" by Patrick S. Washburn (Boy's Life, 1994, Issue 10)

"Miss Susan B. Anthony Fine $100 and Costs for Illegal Voting" (New York Times, June 20, 1873)