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Quia - Social Studies review activities
Use these activities to help you prepare for social studies tests and quizzes.

Longitude & Latitude Game
Practice your map skills by finding Hannah in this fun game of latitude and longitude.
You can find previous years ELA tests on this website to practice & prepare for our ELA state assessment. Check your answers with the answer keys provided.
Use this link to practice your reading comprehension skills.
My Skills Tutor - Use your regular login information for your username and password.  Site - Liberty02
Interactive Reading - A variety of reading strategies to practice.
Grammar Practice Park - Practice an assortment of grammar skills through these games.
An assortment of ELA and Math resources including quizzes and other activities. CLICK on ENGLISH or MATH to find the activities.
"I Know That . com" has a bunch of fun activities for every subject and every grade level.