Community Building


  Community Building

              In my fourth grade classroom, I incorporate community building activities every day.  Students learn to communicate with one another and function as a team.  To create a positive community, I structure learning activities that incorporate  collaboration and cooperation.  Community building fosters social and communication skills that are necessary in and out of the classroom.  Community building enhances compassion, tolerance, personal character and empathy.  Incorporating community building activities in my classroom helps to create an environment where students learn to respect other's thoughts and feeling.  Students learn leadership skills, active listening skills, and how to challenge themselves in a positive manner. 

Definitions of Community
  • Community is a social group sharing common characteristics, interests, goals, and shared values.  A community establishes a sense of "we" where everyone feels a sense of belonging, and caring; distinct to that group.  A community works not only copperatively but in collaboration with one another.  Conflict is not ignored but settled gracefully through problem solving and consensus decision making.  All in the community are considered equals and support one another in reaching individual and group goals.  
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