7th Grade Art

Welcome to 7th Grade Art!!!

Art 7 is a half-year art class for 7th grade students. It builds upon the knowledge and skills acquired in previous art classes and provides a foundation for future explorations in art. Students use and develop observation, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills while working both individually and in small groups. Drawing, shading, and copper tooling are introduced and applied in artworks. The concepts of realism, color, value, and atmospheric perspective are explored and help students gain a better understanding of the meaning and use of art. In addition to art projects, this course also includes sketchbook assignments and peer critiques.

Welcome to Art 7 Packet

- Sketchbooks -

One sketchbook assignment will be due for review approximately every two weeks.  The class will vote and select 2 assignments for each review. You will then choose 1 of the 2 assignments to create.  Your sketch should:

~ reflect a MINIMUM of 1 hour of work,

~ fill the sketchbook page,

~ show the name of the assignment on the page,

~ be signed and dated (with the year), usually in the lower right-hand corner.

Unit 1: Line, Value, and Color
 - Learning Goals -
  • To explore using line, color, and value to create a unique artwork.
  • To build on prior knowledge of shading from 6th Grade.
  • To learn about the art element: value.
  • To use contrast and different color schemes to color with.
  • To understand what light, medium, and dark refers to with shading.
  • To create atmospheric perspective with pastel and glue.
  • To practice shading in various ways.
  • Analyze their art and the art of their peers for positive and improvement things.


 - Projects -

5 Shaded Spheres


Shaded Tornadoes




Shaded Object Drawing

Click to view Ms. Copp's  Shaded Object Project Packet

Click to view Ms. Copp's Still Life Jeopardy Game


Glue & Pastel Landscape



Click to view Ms. Copp's Value Information Packet

Unit 2: Line, Pattern, & Texture
- Learning Goals -

  • To learn about Abstract Art and line design.
  • To learn about the elements of art: line and texture.
  • To learn about copper tooling and concave and convex designs.
  • To create an Abstract line design that shows composition and a focal point.
  • To create their design in copper.
  • To use copper tooling tools and techniques to create concave and convex areas on their copper.
  • To understand and create an antique finish on their copper using gun blue.
  • To mount their copper to a board and then create a continuation of their design with drawing.
  • To use colored pencils to enhance and create contrast on their artwork.
  • Analyze their art and the art of their peers for positive and improvement things.

- Copper Abstract Designs -

Click to view Ms. Copp's Line Information Packet

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Click to view a Copper Tooling video

Click to view an Abstract Art video