Sept. 7, 2018

        Your child’s schedule is as follows:
9:00-Science or Social Studies
10:40 Mon.-Thurs-Skills-Friday Chorus
11:45- Recess and Lunch
12:30 – Mon. Library, Tue. Music, Wed. & Thurs Band, Fri. Art
1:15- Math
2:30- ELA
        Students are welcome to have a water bottle in class as long as it does not become a distraction.
        If you want your child to celebrate his/her birthday in class, that is fine but please have the treat here by 9 as I only get the children for a short time each day. If your child has a summer birthday, it can be celebrated whenever you wish.
        Questions or concerns, please e-mail, send a note or give me a call.
Lana Blum
             If you have a 4th grader, you can get a one year National Parks Pass. To get started go to Every Kid in a Park initiative.  Enjoy our National Parks!

April 11, 2019
Dear Families,
          Monday (April 22) will be Earth Day and the Science dept. will have an Earth Day assembly. We will do some earth day activities. Then we will go back to Electricity and Magnetism and finish up that kit. Our next concept is a magnet's force passes through some solids, liquids and gases.
         Students have planned their Revolutionary broadside and written final copies this week.  They were able to choose their own perspective on the war.  They included headlines, introductory paragraphs and included reasons and evidence of why they would support the war and independence from Great Britain (Patriot) or why they would not support the war and remain loyal to their king in Great Britain (Loyalist).
       This week in math, students worked on multiplying fractions. They should be able to multiply a whole number with a fraction (3 x 3/4) and multiply a whole number with a mixed number ( 4 x 2 2/5). Students completed the week with a review sheet, some Jeopardy, and took their math test. Please help and review with your child any math work that goes home. Attached this week is an optional Spring Break Math Packet to help them review the 4th grade concepts thus far. When students return, they should look forward to reviewing all the math concepts to help prepare them for the New York State Math Test. 
      A couple of reminders for next week:  There will be NO school on April 12-21 for spring recess, so there will be NO extended day on April 11 because of the break.  Please bring back Family Math Night forms as soon as possible.  You may bring back forms after the April 11 deadline.  We hope to see you there!
       If you have any questions or concerns you can email any of us and we will respond promptly.  Have a wonderful spring break!
                                          Mrs. Creeden       acreeden@southseneca.org  
                                          Mrs. Blum             lblum@southseneca.org
                                          Mrs. Nguyen-Vo   mnguyenvo@southseneca.org

April 5, 2019
Dear Families,
          This week in math, students worked on adding and subtracting with fractions greater than a whole (Ex. 3  2/6  -  2  4/6). They also worked on building a line plot by measuring the length of their foot and gathered questions they could ask from the collected data. Students finished up the week with multiplying fractions. They should expect an end-of-module test by the end of next week. Please help your child review any work that goes home.
          Students have continued to work on looking at different opinions and perspectives of the Revolutionary War this week.  We have continued to talk about evidence in the text and supporting our answers with reasons to help explain our thinking.  We really focused on how opinions are supported by reasons (why an author has a particular opinion) and evidence to support their reasons with facts and details.  We looked at some examples of broadsides from the Revolutionary War era to prepare students to write their own opinion of the war.
          In Science, we will be moving into magnetism. Our first lesson will be called magnets. The key concepts are that the first magnets were rocks called lodestone or magnetite. Second, that magnets have an invisible force that either attracts to an object or not. Lastly, that objects that stick to magnets are made of certain metals.
         A couple of reminders for next week: The 4th quarter begins on Monday, April 8.  The new AR goals (10 AR points) are due in June.  Our next D.E.A.R. (drop everything and read) day is on Thursday, April 11.  Your child will have a chance to read silently during the day.  This is a great chance for your child to work on their AR goal.  There will be NO school on April 12-21 for Spring recess. Don’t forget to hand in your Math Night forms by April 11.
         If you have any questions or concerns you can email any of us and we will respond promptly.  Have a wonderful weekend!
                                   Mrs. Creeden       acreeden@southseneca.org  
                                   Mrs. Blum             lblum@southseneca.org
                         Mrs. Nguyen-Vo   mnguyenvo@southseneca.org