Dear Parent,

The following is your child’s schedule.

9:00-10:00- Science or Social Studies



11:45-12:25- Lunch and Recess

12:35-1:35- ELA








Monday –Thursday –Skills groups

 Friday- Band-ends at 3:05

 I would like to make all parents aware that we are using a new system for our report cards. For this year Sci. and SS teachers are not able to add comments. I will add them on the conference newsletter for each conference. I have not worked out what I will do for the other two marking periods.

 November 17, 2017
Dear Families,
             We have almost finished the novel Eagle Song this week and have talked a lot about symbolism and what the author is trying to teach us.  We have continued to answer text-based questions using evidence.  We also started talking about what theme or lesson the author was trying to show us in this book.  We will start to write a short mini essay on conflict and how characters in the book solved their problems with the help of their community, family and culture next week.  
            This week in math we wrapped up Module 2 on metric unit conversions and problem solving. Students will get their tests back with the option of redoing due before the Thanksgiving break. We practiced our math facts by playing “Multiplication Master” to help us prepare for our next module on multi-digit multiplication and division. It is crucial that students continually practice their math facts to best prepare them for this module. Students have started their initial lessons on finding the area and perimeter of rectangles and finding their
unknown lengths. Please help them find ways to apply these concepts at home.
           We will be starting a new lesson in Social Studies. The students will read about the political life and relationship of the Iroquois and the Algonquin and compare how they solved problems. The students will be using a Venn diagram to show this comparison. 
           A couple of reminders for next week:    The 2nd quarter started at the beginning of this week.  Students have a goal of ten AR (accelerated reader) points every marking period.  They have until the end of January to meet their new reading goal.  If your child meets their goal this marking period, they will donate $1 to endangered animals. Please remember to return any conference forms back to the homeroom teacher as soon as possible.  Look for reminders of your conference time in the upcoming weeks.  We will have no school on November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th for Thanksgiving break.  There will be NO EXTENDED DAY on Tuesday, November 22 to accommodate families traveling for the break.   
  If you have any questions or concerns you can email any of us and we will respond as soon as we can.  Have a marvelous weekend!
                                                            Mrs. Creeden       acreeden@southseneca.org  
                                                                Mrs. Blum             lblum@southseneca.org
                                                                Mrs. Nguyen-Vo   mnguyenvo@southseneca.org

November 9, 2017
Dear Families,
             Your child is continuing to learn about the Haudenosaunee.  We are continuing to read Eagle Song and learn about strategies to figure out words in the text that we don’t know.  Your child is working on flagging evidence in their text to answer questions and discuss questions with their triad or group members.  We also have been working on analyzing characters in the text to get a deeper understanding of their emotions and what helps to define them. 
          Students are becoming more savvy with their metric unit conversions. Students worked with converting kilograms and grams and liters and milliliters. We also made central the RDW strategy (read, draw, write) for problem solving because it is important to understand story problems, create a visuals for better understanding with the tape diagrams, and show our answers in number and sentence forms. Students worked on the end of module study guide and will take their Module 2 test next week. Any Exit Tickets or tests are allowed for optional re-submission and are due one week they are given back. Grades will be averaged.
      Our Social Studies will continue with the Native Americans in New York. We will be doing research on the food, clothing, shelter, tools, recreation, beliefs and customs and tribal organization of the Iroquois and Algonquins. The students will use the textbook, other books I provide and their Chrome book to find this information.
      A couple of reminders for next week:   Parent/Teacher Conference forms are included in the Friday folder.  Please sign up for a time that is convenient for you and please return to your child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible.  We will have no school on November 22nd, 23rd and 24th because of Thanksgiving recess.  There will also be NO extended day on November 21st to accommodate families traveling.                     
    If you have any questions or concerns you can email any of us and we will respond promptly.  Have a wonderful three day weekend!
                                                            Mrs. Creeden       acreeden@southseneca.org  
                                                                Mrs. Blum             lblum@southseneca.org
                                                                Mrs. Nguyen-Vo   mnguyenvo@southseneca.org