January 24, 2020

Students are continuing to learn more about different trades in colonial times.  Students had a chance to apply for a colonialtrade that they were most interested in and they were put into groups where they will research more about the trade andbecome “an expert” for the next couple of weeks.  Students have also been learning about taking notes and categorizing information in their research.  We will continue to become more knowledgeable in those specific colonial trades next week. 
            In Social Studies we will continue to focus on the Dutch Settling in New Netherlands. The students will discover the social and economical  changes that took place in the New World with the settlement of New Netherland.  if time allows  we will move into Slavery in New York. 
      Students are working hard on dividing up to 4 digit by 1 digit division. The entire week was dedicated on practicing their strategies whether it be using the place value chart or doing the standard algorithm (long division). We worked on creating our own word problems so students can make sense of how division is used in real-life. Students should expect a short assessment on Monday. Please review all work that goes home and provide them with the necessary practice.
Dates to Remember:
ASAP: return extended day forms
January 31: scholastic book orders due
Have a terrific weekend!
Mrs. Blum (lblum@southseneca.org)
 Mrs. Creeden (acreeden@southseneca.org
Mrs. Nguyen-Vo (mnguyenvo@southseneca.org

January 10, 2020
        We are continuing to learn about Colonial Times.  Students have started a new unit about colonial trades, or jobs that colonial craftspeople did in colonial times. We are starting to learn more about those specific trades and specific skills that people needed to survive.  We will eventually apply for a job that we are most interested in to research more about.
        In Social Studies we are moving into Early European Explorers. The students will learn about the explorers of New York State: Hudson, Verrazano, and Champlain. They will use maps, readings and video clips to access information about their reasons for exploration; their routes, the significance of their discoveries, and the first settlement of New York.
        This week in math, students reviewed test mistakes and worked on multiplying 2-by-2 digit numbers. Students should be familiar with solving for problems like 27 x 64 using the area model, partial products method, or standard algorithm. Please review any work that goes home to provide your child with additional practice. We will be working on multi-digit division next week. 
Dates to remember
January 15: early release day
January 31: scholastic book orders due
Have a wonderful weekend
Mrs. Blum (lblum@southseneca.org)
 Mrs. Creeden (acreeden@southseneca.org
Mrs. Nguyen-Vo (mnguyenvo@southseneca.org)