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About Toolbox PRO

Toolbox PRO is a powerful "Web 2.0" web-based program that deploys, manages, tracks and reports on interaction between the learner, the teacher, and the content to create a "Virtual Classroom/School".
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New features and updates to Toolbox PRO will be announced on the public Toolbox PRO Blog.
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6/22/16 - NEW GAMES!!!
5/28/15 - New Website Tools!
5/28/15 - New IDEAS website!
12/05/14 - GST BOCES Portfolio Tool
12/05/14 - GST BOCES Moodle Server
12/05/14 - GST BOCES Area Survey Tool
9/26/14 - Delete Multiple Items (Activities and Resources)

Helping teachers & students

The easy-to-use software tools included in Toolbox PRO give teachers the power to integrate technology directly into their instruction motivating student achievement. With Toolbox PRO teachers can have/create:
  • Student Access via mobile device!
  • Teacher & Student Wikis
  • Teacher & Student Blogging
  • Online Podcasting Tools
  • Student/Teacher messaging with attachments
  • Student Web Lockers
  • Student Assignment Upload
  • A public classroom website
  • Sharable WhiteBoard & Desktop WebInar Conference & Class To Class FullScreen Video
  • Teacher to Teacher Sharable Desktop
  • SAT Word Builder
  • Online Language Translator
  • Media rich assessments and activities with narration*
  • Curriculum mapping tools
  • Virtual office hours
  • A collection of documents and resources for students to use in class and for homework
  • and much more!
  • Toolbox PRO and I.D.E.A.S. (Instructional Development of Educational Applications Service) are part of the GST BOCES Computer Services Center.