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Project CB/SL

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Welcome to the 2007 Project CB/SL.  A friendly competition between the technology departments of Newfield Central Schools and Nskayuna High School in Niskayuna, New York.  This design challenge is the brain child of Mr. Ketcham and Mr. Desimony of Niskayuna. This challenge centers on the building of a vintage cafe racer.  The platform for the project is a Honda CB 350 manufactured from 1968-1973.  The bikes for both schools are being built from the ground up using pieces and parts from here there and everywhere and a great deal of ingenuity and craftmanship. This activity is not yet an official offering at Newfield Central, but is currently in its experimental stages with hopes of becoming a yearly challenge.  The students involved in the challenge are volunteering their time, brain power, and elbow grease during their free periods during the school dayThe project has received overwhelming support from the local community and surprisingly from throughout the United States.  The bikes will need to be completed before the end of the school year so that each bike can make its journey to the competing school district.  Once in place, the school community, including students and staff, will place their votes for the best bike.  This page will keep you posted as to our developments and the progress of this project.  Stop back from time to time and check out our image gallery, or pop into the lab if you'd like an even closer look!

Special thanks to the people who have helped out.

Mr. Desimony

We would like to Thank Mr. Desimony and the boys at Nisky for involving us in this challenge.


 Marty Miller 
Groton, NY
Mr. Miller donated two CBs to the project. A complete 68 CB 350 and a 73 CB with a motor in parts. Thanks a ton Marty. 

DCB & Son Painting

Quality Finishes

141 Depot Road

 Newfield, NY 14867

Powder Coating, Timesaver Sanding, Industrial Painting

Email: dbickham@twcny.rr.com

Tel: 607-564-9561

Cell: 607-351-6558

We would like to thank Chuck Bickham for his powder coating services. Chuck will be powder coating the frame along with whatever else we can think of.


Glenside Monument Co.

490 Floral Avenue

Ithaca, NY 14850

Phone: 607-273-4522

Family Owned Since 1946

Thanks to Lawrence and Todd Weaver for hooking us up with some great sandblasting.  Our parts look new again!


Barnett Tool & Engineering
2238 Palma Drive
Ventura, CA 93003

Phone: (805) 642-9435

Fax:     (805) 642 9436

Clutch pack looks awesome!  Thanks Mr. Taylor


MG Innovative Products, Inc

141 East 26th Street

Erie, Pennsylvania 16504

Phone (814) 459-1173

Fax:    (814) 459-0711

Greg Mazza hooked us up with a stainless steel bolt kit for our engine and will be lacing up our wheels. He has also given us tons of much needed info. Thanks Greg.



Guidi’s Collision Services

1435 Elmira Rd

Newfield, NY 14867

Carmen Guidi did a great job straightening the tank and laying down the paint.