Fifth Grade Orchestra

   Fifth Grade Orchestra will begin in January.

Students should pay particular attention to their left hand position

on the violin and their bow hold.  If they need to,  they can go back

and practice the bow hold with a pencil. 

 Students should always check their posture.

  The student's  have been given music to practice for the

Spring Concert.  Hopefully parents are starting to recognize some

of the tunes.


Sixth  Grade Orchestra

   Sixth Grade Orchestra meets every Monday and Thursday.

Orchestra meets from 12:00 - 12:35.

  We are working on the G and D scales and

hope to be adding C soon.  In sixth  grade the student's are working

to improve the skills they learned last year with more difficult music.

Please encourage your student to practice.  These young people

are very capable.  Sixth graders - check your instrument and

bow hold!!!  Watch your bowing.  Please review the slurring and

notes on the G and E strings (violins)