Music Room Expected Behavior


Expectations & Consequences

Follow Broadway Elem. School Pledge

Enter room quietly – will be asked to re-enter

Walking down the hall quietly – will be asked to go back and come again, until done correctly

Putting instrument together correctly  

          Will be asked to take instrument apart and put together again

Talking or playing when not supposed to.

                     Will be asked to put instrument on floor for

                                       remainder of song.

                              For second offense 2 songs

                                                 For third offense Student will be moved

                                 For fourth offense call home.

Touching other people or instruments

           Same as above

Forgetting music and instrument

Student needs to see the teacher as soon as they arrive in school to see if any instr. available

Consistently forgetting- student will be asked to make up the lesson and given a 0 until lesson is made up.

Consistently forgetting- student will have to sit quietly during band and do music worksheets to reinforce theory.


Student will be able to perform with the group.  Praise for student or group.
Positive phone call or email home.  Extra time in the music room.
Good Kid Patrol