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Geography of New York State



New York State Facts

I NY Interactive page

Unit 1 NY study guide

Interactive US map

States Game

Longitude/ Latitude Game 

       National Geographic Map Maker

Native American / Iroquois


Native Americans

Iroquois of the Northeast Virtual Wampum Belt Iroquois WebQuest Iroquois Virtual Village
List of Iroquois Sites

Iroquois Legends  

Iroquois Project links

Iroquois study guide  New York State Museum-Mohawk Village
The Stone Canoe        



Explorer Report 

 Zoom Explorers      



Colonial Village

New Netherland Virtual Tour  

Colonial Village

Colonial Games

Plymouth Plantation  

13 Colonies Interactive Map

 Movies of Early America      

Revolutionary War  


Liberty Kids Who Wants to Be A Patriot 1

Who Wants to be a Patriot 2

Revolutionary War Biographies

America Rocks songs

Paul Revere 

Events Leading up to the Revolutionary War


Revolutionary War Study Guide



Erie Canal

Erie Canal History  


County Fair Project


County Fair Project:

1. Map

2. Population

3. NY cities (Double click on your county on the map link in box 1.)

4. Physical features (Double click on your county on the map link in box 1, use pamphlet, or SS book.)

NY Lakes and Rivers

5. Products (Refer to your handout.)

 6. Google Maps
Regions of New York Parks and Historical Sites        

Immigration Sites


Scholastic Ellis Island  National Parks Ellis Island    

Government Sites


Ben’s Guide to Government

Bill of Rights

Centuries of Citizenship: Constitutional Timeline


  Niagara Falls Trip


Old Fort Niagara

Niagara Aquarium

The Maid of the Mist

Niagara Falls Discovery Center