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Message #4. Posted by: Ms. Hanessian at 12:15:27 PM on 07/16/2010
Comments: Please feel free to use this page to communicate with myself and others!
Message #3. Posted by: Curtis G from My House at 10:26:48 PM on 06/12/2010
Comments: Ms. Hanessian! You are the most awesome band teacher! :D I'm gonna miss you and your wonderful awesomeness when we move on to 9th Grade. Ahh..its hard to believe its really been that long since 5th Grade. Getting my clarinet, and everything...struggling to play Mary had a Little Lamb on that thing...ah...good times! Well, see you at the Jazz thing on Monday with you-know-who! :D
Message #2. Posted by: Megan from MST Lab at 09:09:09 AM on 05/25/2010
Comments: I ? French Horns!!!
Message #1. Posted by: hi from it's me at 07:43:50 PM on 01/15/2010
Comments: hey I was here.