Liberty High School
Policies and Procedures
The atmosphere in the high school library is one of study and research. The library extends the boundaries of the classroom by providing materials for class research and topics of interest to students and faculty. The library features a collection of books, databases, online periodicals, magazines, newspapers, DVD's, videos, and audio CD's. Services include inter-library loan, group instruction, individual instruction, reference assistance, collection use, computer searches of indexes and/or full text databases, the Internet as well as the World Wide Web.
The function of the Library staff is to provide personal assistance to students. The library is fully automated. All computers have access to the online public access catalog and can search by title, author or subject.  
Circulation Policies
1. Books may be borrowed for two weeks and renewed unless another person needs them. Reference books and periodicals do not leave the Library.
2. Magazines do not circulate. They do not leave the library. Selected back issues are maintained. Magazines and reference books may be photocopied in the Library.
3. Only faculty may sign out video and audio materials.

4. Material borrowed through inter-library loan may be borrowed for two weeks and are not renewable.

5. Overdue notices are sent to each student for overdue materials.

6. Students must pay for lost or damaged books. Library materials overdue for more than four weeks or more and/or any items not returned at the end of the school year are reported to the principal's office.

7. All incidents of mutilation and clipping of library materials are vandalism and will be reported to the principal's office via discipline notice.

Library Attendance and Procedures
Students to the Library
Students that wish to come to the library from study hall must arrive before the late bell and sign in at the circulation desk. Students that arrive after the late bell must have a pass signed by their teacher.

LRC Guidelines for Students

1. Arrive on time.
2. Sign in upon arrival
3. Arrive prepared to work quietly for the entire period.
4. Ask permission to leave for any reason.
5. Leave the area you work in neat and clean.
6. Sign out materials and return materials on time.

Classes to the Library

If a teacher wishes to reserve the library for class use, the teacher should come to the library as early as possible  and reserve the room by signing in for the respective time and date in the Class Sign In Sheet. The Class Sign In Sheet is located on the circulation desk in the library.