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ELA Modules:

Social Studies Inquiries:


Is Everyone Unique?

What Makes Holidays Special?

Civic Ideals
Why Do I Have to Be Responsible?

Are All Rules Good Rules?

Wants and Needs
Why Can’t We Ever Get Everything We Need and Want?

Maps and Globes

Which is Better, a Map or a Globe?


Family Diversity
How Can Families Be the Same and Different?

Global Citizenship
Why Should I Be a Global Citizen?

The President
Is the President the Most Important Person in Government?

Maps and Geography
Can My Life Fit on a Map?

Family Stories
What Do Family Stories Tell Us About the Past?

Economic Choices
What Choices Do We Make with Our Money?


Urban, Suburban, and Rural
How Would Our Lives Be Different If We Lived in a Different Kind of Community?


What Symbol Best Represents the United States?

Civic Ideals and Practices
Do We Have to Have Rules?

Geography, Humans, and Environment
How Do We Shape Our Environment?

Community History

If We Live in the Present, Why Should We Care About the Past?

Economic Interdependence
What Makes Me Become We?


Where are We?

Is Sharing and Trading Across Cultures Always a Good Thing?

Cultural Diversity
How Does Our Culture Make Us Similar and Different?

Leadership and Government

Does It Matter How Leaders Are Chosen?

Children's Rights
Do People around the World Care about Children’s Rights?

Global Trade 

Why Do Countries Need Each Other?


New York Geography
Does Where You Live Matter?

Manhattan Purchase
What's the Real Story Behind the Purchase of Manhattan?

Government and Citizens
Why Does New York Have a State Snack

Call for Change
What did it take for Women to Be Considered "Equal" to Men in New York?


Did the American Dream Come True for Immigrants Who Came to New York?


Complex Societies
What Makes a Complex Society Complex?

Slavery and Sugar

How did sugar feed slavery?

New France
Did the French Lose Out in North America?

Puerto Rico
Should Puerto Rico be a state?

Declaration of Independence
Why Do Countries Declare Independence?


What Is the Real Cost of Bananas?


Agricultural Revolution
Was the development of agricultural good for humans?

Religious Freedom
Does Religious Freedom Exist?

Are the Olympics about More than Sports?

China and Rome
Did the Chinese and Romans Know Each Other?

Islamic Spain
Why Was the Caliphate of Córdoba a Success?

Black Death
 Can Disease Change the World?


Pilgrims and Wampanoag

Why Did the Pilgrim–Wampanoag Friendship Go So Wrong?

American Revolution
Was the American Revolution Avoidable?

Great Compromise
Is Compromise Always Fair?

Western Migration
Was It Destiny to Move West?

Uncle Tom's Cabin (7th Grade)
Can Words lead to war?

Women's Rights
What Does It Mean to Be Equal?


Gilded Age

Is Greed Good?

American Expansion
Was American Expansion Abroad Justified?

New Deal
Was the New Deal a Good Deal?

Japanese American Internment
Should Freedom Be Sacrificed in the Name of National Security?

Suburban Growth 

Were Suburbs Good for America?

Is Protest Patriotic?


Fall of the Roman Empire
Did the Roman Empire Fall?

Did Emperor Shi Huangdi Improve China?

Silk Road
Should We Call It the "Silk Road"?

How "Magnificent" Was Suleiman?

What Do the Buried Secrets of Tenochtitlán Tell Us About the Aztecs?



The French Revolution
Was the French Revolution successful?

Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap?

Treaty of Versailles
Can Peace Lead to War?


Does Development Mean Progress?


Did the Constitution Establish a Just Government?

Does it Matter Who Freed the Slaves?

Is Anything New About Today's Immigration Policy Debate?

World War II
Why was the US on the Winning Side of World War II?


How Should the President Foster Economic Opportunity? 


Great Recession
Who's to Blame for the Great Recession?

Labor Markets
Does It Matter What I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

Economic Happiness
How Could Americans Be Happier?

Gender Wage Gap
What Should Be Done about the Gender Wage Gap?

Corporate Social Responsibility

Should Corporations Have a Conscience? 


Who Has the Power?

Am I going to Vote?

Political Parties
Do Any Political Parties Represent Me?

First Amendment
Are Students Protected by the First Amendment?

Campaign Finance (12th Grade Government)
Does money matter in political campaigns?

Affordable Care Act (12th Grade Government)
Why is the Affordable Care Act so controversial?