Common Core Texts Grade 8
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Module Resources

The Vietnam Wars” by Tod Olson (Scholastic, February 24, 1995, 16–20.)

Forgotten Ship: A Daring Rescue as Saigon Fell” by Joseph Shapiro and Sandra Bartlett (transcript, National Public Radio, August 31, 2010.)

Panic Rises in Saigon, but the Exits Are Few” by Fox Butterfield (New York Times, April 1975.)

Refugees: Who, Where, and Why” by Catherine Gevert (Faces. 19.1 (2002): 6-8.)

Children of War” by Arthur Brice (Scholastic, March 1994.)

Speech at Refugee Transitions’ World of Difference Benefit Luncheon by Til Gurung, San Francisco, November 3, 2010.

Refugee Children In Canada: Searching For Identity” by Ana Marie Fantino and Alice Colak (Child Welfare 80.5 (2001): 587-596.)

 2a Equal Rights for Women” by Shirley Chisholm, speech made on May 21, 1969.

Ain’t I a Woman?” speech made in May 1851 by Sojourner Truth

The Great Society” by Lyndon Johnson, speech made on May 22, 1964

Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden, 1966. (Academy of American Poets)

Solitude” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1883. (Poetry Foundation)
"Top Ten Reasons Shakespeare Did Not Write Shakespeare”  from the ebook,"The Shakespeare Authorship Question" by Keir Cutler, Ph.D.

The Shakespeare Shakedown” by Simon Schama (Newsweek, Vol. 158, Issue 17, Oct. 24, 2011, 24)

The Lure of Shakespeare" by Robert W. Butler (Calliope, Vol. 15, Issue 8, April 2005, 37)

Shakespeare’s Universal Appeal Examined” by Jonathan Bate (DNA, April 24, 2012)
 3a Riverside’s Miné Okubo” by Mary H. Curtin (Splinters-Splinters (blog), Aug. 27, 2011)

The Life of Miné Okubo,” written by Expeditionary Learning for instructional purposes.

Miné Okubo” by Chelsie Hanstad, Louann Huebsch, Danny Kantar, and Kathryn Siewert (Voices from the Gaps, University of Minnesota, March 5, 2004)

Fourteen-Part Message” by Japanese Foreign Ministry, Dec. 7, 1941,

Modern History Sourcebook: Pearl Harbour Attack Documents”, 1941.

The Fifth Column on the Coast” by Walter Lippmann (The Washington Post, Feb. 12, 1942)

War in the Pacific” by Edison McIntyre (Cobblestone, Vol. 15, Issue 1, Jan. 1994, 4.)

The Report on Japanese on the West Coast of the United States (“the Munson Report”) by Curtis B. Munson, Oct. 7, 1941

Executive Order No. 9066” by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Feb. 19, 1942