Common Core Texts Grade 5
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Module Resources

"Universal Declaration of Human Rights"(United Nations)

"Universal Declaration of Human Rights: For Youth" (United Nations)

"UDHR Article Strips" - Adapted from Web site: Human Rights Here and Now: Celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, edited by Nancy Flowers, University of Minnesota Human Rights Resource Center

"A Short History of the UDHR"  - Expeditionary Learning

Human Rights Resource Center, background information on the UHDR: excerpt from "The History of the United Nations."

"From Kosovo to the United States,"  Isau Ajeti (as told to Blanche Gosselin)

"Teaching Nepalis to Read, Plant, and Vote" by Lesley Reed (from Faces)

"Background texts about Mexico in the 1920s"  - Expeditionary Learning

"Esperanza Rising" (Readers Theater script)

"American Heroes" (Readers Theater script)

"Writing Transitions"   (excerpt from The Writing Lab & the OWL at Purdue and Purdue University )

"American Heroes" - Readers' Theater script

Aaron Shepard’s RT Page, Scripts, and Tips for Reader’s Theater 


"A summary of the rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child" (UNICEF)

Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNICEF)

Image Links for Module 1, Unit 2

Mexico: Government and Revolution Links

Mexico: Neighbor to the North Links

Mexico: Rich versus Poor

  • Picture of working family in Mexico, 1913: [Use with credit line] From the Robert Runyon Photograph Collection [image number 00048], courtesy of the Center for American History, the University of Texas at Austin.
Suggested Resources for Module 1, Unit 2, Lesson 5


Immigration from Mexico:

The Great Depression:


"Sloth Canopy Researcher: Bryson Voirin" (from the Biomes of the World Web site, copyright © 2002–2012 by and Bryson Voirin)

"Hawaii's Endangered Happy Face Spider"  - Expeditionary Learning, 2012

"Live Online Interview with Eve Nilson" (Special Issues: Inside the Rainforest)

"The Wings of a Butterfly: A Tale of the Amazon Rainforest" by Aaron Shepard (Cricket, Mar 2011, 38:6: 15–18)

"Great Bear Rainforest Remote Camera Project" [Video by Twyla Roscovich]

The official website of Dr. Meg Lowman

Interview with Sloth Canopy Researcher: Bryson Voirin (courtesy of

"Climate Change Experiment Tracks Lizards and Butterflies" (Video)

Field Notes On Science & Nature (Harvard University Press)

"Birds in Town & Village" by W. H. Hudson

"Pictures: Fire Ant Swarms Form Living Life Rafts"

"Ants" (from National Geographic)

"Ant Expert Groups Texts: Ant Group 1 - Bullet Ants" - Expeditionary Learning

"Ant Expert Groups Texts: Ant Group 3 - Leafcutter Ants" (from The Virtual Rainforest by Dr. Gerald Urguhart, Michigan State University)

"Ants - Life Cycle Graphic" (from Enchanted Learning)

"Learn about Butterflies: The Complete Guide to the World of Butterflies and Moths"

"Rainforest Butterflies Video: Buttefly Eggs and Caterpillar Survival - Life in the Undergrowth" (6:32)

"Rainforest: The Most Precious Environment on Earth" by Adrian Hoskins - Expeditionary Learning

Monarch Butterfly (from National Geographic)

"Howler Monkeys" (from National Geographic Kids)

"Howler Monkey" (video) -( from

"Howler Monkey" (from National Geographic)

"Quote from R.T. Peterson"  - Roger Tory Peterson (scroll down to "Drawings vs. Photographs)

Greetings from NY (postcard images on

Smithsonian Libraries Government Made Easy: Ant Close Up Government Made Easy: Butterfly Close Up

Rainforest Insects

Alex Wild Photography

2a Gallery Walk

Doing field research in the rainforest

Anna and Marco measuring trees’ growth in the Atlantic rainforest 

Rainforest conservation volunteer opportunities

New way to help farmers deal with climate change

Clues from the rainforest could help scientists solve energy problems


2b Dr. James Naismith, Inventor of Basketball” 

“First College Basketball Game” 

Big Thinkers: Was Steve Jobs this Generation’s Thomas Edison?” (Junior Scholastic. 11/21/2011, Vol. 114 Issue 6, p5-5)

Television Takes the World by Storm” (video excerpts)
The TV Guy
TV Turns On” by Claudia Reinhardt and Bill Ganzel

Garrett Morgan: Inventor Hero” by Paula Morrow (Ask Magazine)
“The Twofold Genius of Garrett Morgan” (Social Studies for Kids)

Garrett Augustus Morgan” (excerpts)

Airplane.The New Book of Knowledge, Grolier Online, 2013. Web. Sept. 16, 2013 (excerpts).

“Invention of the Airplane” by Shashank Nakate (excerpts)

“Wright Brothers: Inventors of the airplane,” (Ducksters, Technological Solutions, Inc. [TSI])

“How Did We Learn to Fly Like Birds?” (excerpts)

"It's Not Just a Game!" by Lori Calabrese

"Roots of American Sports" by Phyllis Goldman, Allosaurus Publishers 

"Sports in America"  (U.S. State Department)

"Roberto Clemente's Gifts From the Heart" (Scholastic News)

"Althea Gibson (Sunrise-Sunset)" from Los Angeles Sentinal (scroll past Wilma Rudolph to find Althea Gibson)

"H.R. 4130: The Althea Gibson Excellence Act" from the 112th Congress, March 1, 2012

Video: "Ground Rules: Chapter 3"

"Deforestation in Canada"