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Toolbox PRO Activities

Create and distribute activities to your students or the world!


Toolbox PRO allows you to create activities to be used throughout your online classroom or public webpage. Types of activities are: Tests, Games, Homework, and Learning Modules
  • Multimedia Test - create online tests which include questions (True/False, Multiple Choice, Fill in Blank, Essay, Show Me, Audio Record, Video Record, Matching, Math)
  • Word Processor Test - can be used for tracking and assessing essays, journal entries, short-stories, etc.
  • Games include (MasterSpell, Flashcards, Millionaire, Matching, Concentration, Jumbled Words, Hangman, Word Search)
  • Homework - create homework assignments (using resources)
  • Text to speech document (Windows only) - Toolbox PRO can read homework assignments back to your students!
  • Learning Modules - create online interactive presentations for your students
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