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Toolbox PRO Class Management

There are many tools that Toolbox PRO has to administer your online classes and keep them organized.

Class Management

The class management tools give you everything you need for your online classroom.
  • Class Announcements - Can be text, audio or video announcements
  • Student grades - Track students progress and export class grades
  • Assign Activities - Assign activities to be taken for assessment
  • Assign Resources - Assign resources to be used by students (bookmarks, videos, documents, etc)
  • Class Calendars - Create a class calendar to show when activities are due and other events
  • MessageCenter - Create class forums which students can post questions and have curricular topic discussions. You can also hold virtual office hours so students can chat live with the teacher & other students
  • Class Settings - Allow students to use an online calculator, document reader, and other tools. You can also change the appearance of each class you have!
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